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Kristina Lindberg

A turquoise steel cage made up of different fences welded together as a globe that you can walk into.

The sculpture "Public Space" invites visitors to step into a minimalistic, restricted park. The contrast between the surrounding open environment and the small space, cordoned off by a fence, is striking. Lindberg raises questions about how our senses are affected by the size of spaces and areas – and about how the border between the individual and the collective is shifted through the privatization of public functions such as the post office, pharmacies, healthcare, schools, and elder care. "Public Space" symbolizes the last publicly owned land in Sweden. When public spaces become smaller than private spaces, they can paradoxically be experienced as that which restricts and shuts out, while the private becomes an expression for freedom.

Artwork: Public Space

Artist: Kristina Lindberg

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Material: Gates, metal

Location: Hamnplan

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