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OpenArt is a permissive and democratic platform where everyone, regardless of background and circumstances, can be surprised and challenged.

With eight successful editions, in the summers of 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022 and works of art in all imaginable and unimaginable forms and expressions, the exhibition has attracted great national and international interest.

OpenArt works on behalf of The Culture and Leisure Department in Örebro Municipality to provide art experiences and make art accessible to children, young people and adults.

Letters hanging from trees over a path way

JareKoziara - Three Alphabets, OpenArt 2022. Photo: Sofie Isaksson

OpenArt's vision

OpenArt is the citizens of Örebro's recurring art exhibition, outdoors, in the middle of the city. Through high artistic quality and freedom, the biennale creates inspiration, new thoughts, and conversations that promote democracy both during and between exhibition years. OpenArt is for everyone, and art must therefore be accessible to and engage everyone. It is a biennial with art from all over the world and constantly new experiences that attract both Örebro residents and others to the city. It leads to an increased interest in art and culture, inspires development and makes Örebro an attractive city to live and develop in. OpenArt strives for sustainability in our organization from a climate, economic and social perspective.

Climate smart

Artists from all over the world are invited to participate in OpenArt. They often come to Örebro for production and/or installation of artworks. We climate-compensate for all air travel and require that artist trips within Sweden (as well as Norway and Denmark) take place via climate-smart travel routes. At all representations hosted by OpenArt, a vegetarian food is served, and single-use plastic items are actively removed.


OpenArt works to reduce the climate footprint of the organisation both during planning and during the exhibition. Choosing ideas, materials and planning execution with sustainability in focus. With circular thinking and the possibility to loan in, reuse and recycle materials, it contributes to reduced costs and at the same time a deed for the environment.


Contemporary art can have a role in raising awareness of questions about e.g., climate, identity or class. By being an exhibition that is free of charge, people of all ages are included to take part in the exhibition on their own terms. OpenArt acts as a megaphone for messages embedded in the artworks and in the artists practices.

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