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Luciana Rondolini

A yellow-red striped oversized two-meter-long popsicle with popsicle stick lies outdoors on the stone slabs, melting. This work of art was greatly appreciated by all the thirsty dogs that walked by.

New ice creams will be installed on July 29, August 12 and August 26, at 11 aAt first glance, Rondolini’s artwork looks mostly like a fun and playful idea – a giant popsicle that someone even bigger has dropped. And of course, it’s also about big things like the passage of time, randomness, the universe, and the ultimate demise of everything. This ice pop, as big as a human, is a parable for our mortality, a metaphor for transience and the fact that nothing lasts forever. The ice pop melts slowly during the day and in the end all that’s left is the stick, the framework, the skeleton, in a pool of meltwater until the next ice pop is put down on the same place...

Artwork: Cosmic Calamity

Artist: Luciana Rondolini

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Material: Ice, wood, non-toxic paint

Location: Storgatan

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