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Daniel Pešta

The image is taken from a video artwork where eight men dressed in white sit around a table. They stretch out their arms that burn halfway down to the elbows.

The video work "Chain" is one of the most dramatic works of the exhibition. We see a group of identically dressed men sitting around a table. Are they members of a sect or a secret society? Like soldiers, they are waiting for their leader to begin an initiation ritual, light the fire and pass the mighty flame on to the hands of the next.

The influence of dictators over easily manipulated masses, and the consequences thereof, is something that Pešta has returned to repeatedly in his career. In his art, an overarching theme emerges in which the individual, like a puppet without a will of its own, plays its role in a predetermined scenario. A horrifying situation that the individual is incapable of breaking out of.

Artwork: Chain

Artist: Daniel Pešta

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Material: Video

Location: Vågengalleriet

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