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A man stands with outstretched hand in front of an altar table filled with prayer candles, the candles are ordinary battery candles and only a few of them in a corner shine in the pattern of a cross. In the background are black pedestals with various church statues on them.

An altar filled with prayer candles, a meditative installation that presents a real-time shadow of the observer in candlelight. The warm, flickering candlelight in the murky space gives the viewer the chance to slow down, breathe and take a moment to literally reflect, be reflected, and be in the now. The Dutch artist duo Front404 works with interactive installations. Through playful and direct artworks, they want to reach their audiences in unexpected places. Many of their works are characterized by a simplicity in both execution and theme, but which still open up for reflection.

Artwork: Thoughts and Prayers

Artist: Front404

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Material: Installation

Location: Nikolaikyrkan

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