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Färger – vi ser er! (Colours – we see you!)

Amanda Nordqvist, 1988, Sweden

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

In the Hållstugan quarter around Stortorget, a new part of Örebro is emerging. Here, in a window, we get an insight into Amanda Nordqvist’s ongoing artistic work. With the Hållstugan quarter, ÖBO wants to create a new arena for encounters between people, ideas and traditions. Art also plays an integral role in dining, socializing and shopping, and Amanda Nordqvist has been commissioned to contribute to the quarter with a large mural. She takes inspiration in the sunlight that falls in fluctuating tones throughout the day on the city’s many stucco façades. Neighbourhood residents have also been involved in exploring Örebro’s colours in her work.

The artist is creating the work, which will be completed in 2025, based on a unique Örebro palette.

Artwork: Färger – vi ser er! (Colours – we see you!)

Artist: Amanda Nordqvist

Number on the map: 44

Material: Painted textile

Location: Window at Hållstugan, Stortorget

The artwork's position on the map

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