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Tobias Bradford

In a glass case there is a table and on the surface is a coffee cup that has been put down and the coffee flows out and onto the floor in an eternal loop. The entire floor inside the stand and a few centimeters up is filled with coffee.

Swish, pang, splash! Bradford’s sculpture captures the moment in time right after an accident has occurred and stretches this moment out in a never-ending loop. All we can do is watch curiously, as if in slow motion, as the coffee continues to spill out, without being able to do anything at all about the course of events. Isn’t it sometimes tempting to watch an accident from the outside? The coffee fountain is an example of how Bradford tenderly works to create recognition, excitement and absurd distortion in the everyday and human.

Artwork: Spillage

Artist: Tobias Bradford

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Material: Installation

Location: Teaterplan

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