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Marianne Schmidt

On a lawn a foot is placed. The base is made up of metal containers that are filled with stones. In the background of the foot you can see a street, houses and the sky.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

After suffering severe memory loss due to a brain injury, Schmidt lost large parts of her past and thereby also her future. By investigating the relationship between time, memory and identity, she is able – to some extent – to recreate herself and the world she lives in.

"My foot penetrates into and grows up from the earth, roots itself, and thereby I do as well. Despite the identitylessness that comes from memory loss and the marginalization of autism, I can take physical space in what is for me an incomprehensible world. I leave an imprint of the right to exist, because no matter who I am and once was, I know that I exist."

The picture shows outdoors, a lawn, on the lawn are containers of metal placed, in the containers there are stones. The containers together form a pattern that shapes the upper part of a foot, with five toes.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: ...Therefore I am

Artist: Marianne Schmidt

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Material: Metal, stone

Location: Vasagatan/Kyrkogatan

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