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Tanya Preminger

The lawn in front of Saint Nicolai Church has opened up like a wound from the underground. The work is made up of earth and grass that break up from the ground in small pyramid shapes that create a hole in the middle. In the background you can see the town hall.

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

Through nature’s own materials – earth and grass – the work "Towards the Sky" opens up towards the heavens. The outcrop of earth rests calmly against the shell of the planet. The conical grass-covered rise is ripped apart – in a desire to communicate through the boundless universe. Preminger wants to make the universal essence of creation more tangible, to let the intangible take physical form. She sees our planet as a living being that can feel and make contact with other elements in the cosmos. The vegetation is the planet’s skin and the Earth its flesh. The Earth opens up to create dialogue with the heavens. Just next door, the St. Nicholas steeple sends out its signals.

Close-up of an open wound from the underworld. The work is made up of soil and grass that breaks up from the ground in small pyramid shapes and creates a hole in the middle.

Artwork: Towards the Sky

Artist: Tanya Preminger

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Material: Soil

Location: Nikolaikyrkan

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