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Ivo Weber, 1962, Tyskland

Johannes, a Baptize Machine is housed in an overseas container. The interior walls are covered with a shiny light blue cloth. The visitor enters over a red carpet into the container and climbs onto a small wooden platform in front of the Baptize Machine. On the right stands a coinbox. If deposition is made with a 10 crown, the machine sets off! A finger is dipped in a bowl with Jordan-filled water. The finger moves, presses against a grey rubber roller and twixes away, the participant is besprinkled. After a short moment of personal solitude the participant leaves for the next candidate. An automatic Baptize has just been executed. Rituals have always been a basic form of expression. Johannes a Baptize Machine makes this ritual more economic by saving manpower, at the samt time the artist questions or our needs for making everything more efficient and effective in society.

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