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A sculpture is placed in a square. The sculpture is made up of yellow drainage pipes that are placed in rings on top of each other. Placed on the rings are two black eyes and a large black mouth. On the top of the sculpture, two yellow drainage pipes stick up. The sculpture casts a large black shadow on the street and next to the sculpture a man walks by.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

In the Våghustorget square stands a collection of colourful strangers connected by pipes. The figures have an agenda. They want you to talk to someone. Say hi to a stranger. Maybe the figures can help you make a new friend today.

Like the tin-can telephones of our childhoods, you can communicate with someone else through the pipes and the figures’ mouths and eyes. The artwork also raises questions about how messages can be twisted and distorted, like in another childhood telephone game you might remember.

Two people are engaged in talking to each other through yellow drainage pipes. They are moving in a square environment and one of them has stepped onto a bench.

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

A woman wearing sunglasses, a veil and a white shirt looks happy as she talks into a yellow drainage pipe in a square setting. The pipe comes from above in the picture and is wrapped around a tree. In the background you can see the square with the artwork in the background.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

A woman holds the black hollow mouth of the large yellow creature and a boy runs by in the background.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: Hej främling!

Artist: Moradavaga

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Material: Installation

Location: Våghustorget

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