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Michael O`Donnell, 1950, Storbritannien

1994 the work changed. Spotlights replaced heavy metal sculpture to provide a greater volume of material, without the weight.

These two fire pieces are at the crossroad of that period and it’s somewhat poetic that they should be shown here, together for the first time. The fire theme gives a nod and a wink to Klein’s Wall of Fire and Fire Fountain done Krefeld in 1961. Köpmangatan och Stora Hotellet

The Black Fire is a welded work, its surface patinated by roasting it on a log fire and freezing those traces under lacquer.

Both works occupy a three-dimensional space –the Black Fire limited to its one and a half meter thick volume whilst the Blue Fire is endless in its probing…theoretically it never ends, except when the switch is thrown and then it’s gone.

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