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Giorgia Volpe

It is evening and eleven canoe-like shapes can be seen hovers above the water's surface. The inside of the canoes is decorated with a pattern of colorful squares and the inside is illuminated in the dark.

A procession of canoes hovers over the surface of the water, frozen in time and space. When the artist created the woven boats, she took her starting point in folk traditions in Quebec, sailors and the traditional skills and knowledge of the First Nations. First Nations is a term used to describe indigenous people in Canada whose ethnic origins are neither Métis nor Inuit.

The herd-like formation of the boats reflects how people and animals that migrate or live nomadic lives must navigate in times of change, regardless of whether they do that with resilience, vulnerability or perseverance.

Passage Migratoire was originally created for PASSAGES INSOLITES, a public art circuit design by EXMURO and presented by the City of Quebec.

Artwork: Passage Migratoire

Artist: Giorgia Volpe

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Material: Installation

Location: In Svartån by Södra Strandgatan

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