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Odour Odessa

In a square stands a playful installation of modules made of wood. Some are pastel and some are black. The modules have the shape of semicircles, columns with leaf-shaped parts and a doorway.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

In a playful constellation, greatly enlarged, everyday objects meet. The visitor can recognize a keyhole, a vase, a door and much more. Every thing has been given immeasurable dimensions. Odour Odessa has created the artwork "Dooryard" from recycled materials from the local area. The artist wants to remind children and adults about the possibilities - and environmental benefits - of reuse. What was intended for one context can be given new life in another. This is how his own artistic creation takes place, which is inspired by graffiti and street art and entices him to work with abandoned buildings, unusual surfaces, recycled materials and locally produced materials.

A detailed image of the module which is like a doorway with a small associated staircase.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: Dooryard

Artist: Odour Odessa

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Material: Wood

Location: Krämartorget

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