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Polina Stohnushko, 1994, Ukraine, based in Germany

Photo: Polina Stohnushko

Although time is objectively ordered, and our perception of it is synchronized with the flow of standard temporal units like minutes, days, months, and years, each of us has a personal inner chronometer that influences the temporal nature of our existence. This internal clockwork has the power to hasten, slow, or even halt our perception of time's passage, resulting in a unique experience for each individual. Indeed, what remains an event of a minute to one person may feel like an eternity to another, and vice versa. However, despite the multiplicity of experiences, certain aspects of time are universally felt - it stretches during moments of sorrow and flies during moments of joy. Thus, the intervention delves into this subjective yet collectively shared aspect of time. It serves as a poignant reminder that despite society's efforts to schedule and control time, certain life events transcend temporal boundaries. Ultimately, is there a measure of happiness and despair?


Artist: Polina Stohnushko

Number on the map: 28

Material: Self-adhesive glass mosaic on facade

Location: Ågatan

The artwork's position on the map

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