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Ana Isabel Diez

In an empty room, a large green tarpaulin can be seen hanging over a high fence. The tarpaulin is decorated with cross-stitches in shades of green that form a landscape with mountain-like shapes.

Intricate embroidery spreads out over a rather untraditional material: a tarpaulin. The title of Diez’s work is "Cross (Stitch) Point", which paves the way for a range of multifaceted associations. Crossing point. Cross-stitch. With the word ‘stitch’ between cross and point, our thoughts are led to both pain and the need to fuse together.

Diez is engaged in the issue of women’s situation in society. She challenges, in the crossroads between works that have been historically associated with the masculine or feminine – such as here, between construction work and needlework. Rather than using traditional cross-stitch, she has instead embroidered X-stitches and Y-stitches, with a wink to the gene pairs that make up a human’s biological gender identity.

Close-up of the artwork which consists of a tarpaulin where cross stitches in X and Y in shades of green form a landscape.

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: Cross (Stitch) Point

Artist: Ana Isabel Diez

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Material: Tarpaulin, textile

Location: Vågengalleriet

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