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I Was Born in Your Bed, I Was Born in Your Head

Daniel Pešta

I WAS BORN IN YOU HEAD I WAS BORN IN YOUR BED stands with fluorescent lights on the wall. Below are three cubes covered with soft face masks in three different skin tones.

The endless history of humankind – generations of stories – is fused together in cubes of latex. From different ethnic origins, different contexts and different eras, individuals convey the same experience of vulnerability and fragile existence. In the cubes, we can divine their faces. Pešta observes the dangers of people being categorized and lumped together in a mass. He warns of discrimination and racism. The slow disintegration of the latex becomes an alarm signalling the demise of civilization. Neon letters proclaim the title of the work. For Pešta, neon is an expression for our consumer society and its devastating consequences. Respectful interaction between people and with nature are thoughts that arise.

Close-up of a cube where the walls are adorned with soft face masks in an orange skin tone.
I WAS BORN IN YOU HEAD I WAS BORN IN YOUR BED står med lysrör på väggen. Nedanför står tre kuber täckta med mjuka ansiktsmasker i tre olika hudfärger.

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