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Amara Por Dios

Indoors on a wall in a hotel is a mural of a woman's face painted with colorful colors and black outlines. The hair is decorated with flowers and leaves.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

A colourful throng merges together to form "Moder jord" (Mother Earth), who like a protective goddess holds our planet tenderly in her hands. Goddesses with a connection to the earth appear in a great many cultures throughout history, and often have an important maternal role connected to life, nature and fertility. A hotel is particularly fitting for this artwork. A place where people from all corners of the earth meet under the same roof. With spray paint and inspiration from older civilizations, Por Dios creates vibrant shapes and patterns in the urban space. Her colourful murals around the world often depict goddess-like beings watching over their surroundings.

Artwork: Moder jord

Artist: Amara Por Dios

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Material: Mural painting

Location: Scandic Örebro Central

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