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Martin Bricelj Baraga

In the corner of a dark room stands a white table with a depth in it, which means that the surface of the table becomes conformal down to and at the bottom sits a lens. A projector hangs from the ceiling above and shines down on the table.

"DROP" is an audiovisual installation that sonifies the era of melting ice through days, months and years. Sonification means that sound is added as a complement to a visual representation to facilitate our understanding of it or to reveal new links in research data. The artwork is based on a data visualization and sonification developed by Baraga and Fraction – a composition in time on the loss of our most valuable natural element – ice.

The dataset used comes from the IMBIE project – a collaboration between scientists supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Close-up of the white table, which has a depth to it.

Artwork: DROP

Artist: Martin Bricelj Baraga

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Material: Installation

Location: Vågengalleriet

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