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Giorgia Volpe

At the central station, four concrete suitcases are placed on the ground. There are people moving around and advertising signs are visible.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

At various places in the OpenArt exhibition area, you’ll find a number of suitcases that seem to have been left there incidentally. Have the suitcases been forgotten, lost, or placed there on purpose?

The solid concrete leaves no space for any baggage, and the suitcases don’t contain any personal belongings to seize or treasures to dig out. Volpe’s art often touches upon themes such as migration and nomadic existences. The bags and the concrete become a symbol of the restrictions people who migrate or live nomadic lives can experience.

Suitcases was originally created for PASSAGES INSOLITES, a public art circuit design by EXMURO and presented by the City of Quebec.

Artwork: Suitcases

Artist: Giorgia Volpe

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Material: Concrete

Location: Örebro centralstation

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