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Tedde Twetman

On a black garage door it says in big white letters "You shouldn't believe it's summer if the daily average temperature doesn't permanently exceed 10°"

The work "SMHIs sommarvisa" (SMHI’s Summer Song), where SMHI stands for the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, is an ironic take on Swedishness and everything associated with the Swedish summer: green cow pastures, babbling brooks, wild strawberries for the children, and a constant eye on the weather forecast. Because what really is more Swedish than eating dinner outdoors with blankets at the ready, or singing ‘Don’t believe summer will come’ on a Midsummer evening in the pouring rain?

So take the opportunity to both enjoy and complain about the weather this summer, because it’ll be another whole year until your next chance.

Artwork: SMHIs sommarvisa

Artist: Tedde Twetman

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Material: Mural painting

Location: Olaigatan 12

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