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Hanna Stansvik, 1987, Sweden

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

One of these days expresses the desire and impulse to take up space, particularly when others want to diminish you and shrink the space that is available. If the woman in the painting were to stand up, even the large format of the work would not be enough. The woman does not seem to hesitate, though. She is here to burst the frame.

With her art, Hanna Stansvik wants to destroy boundaries of different types. Between the private and what is considered appropriate in public spaces. Between the feminine beauty ideal and the ordinariness of reality. This painting is inspired by myths and popular culture, in which women are sometimes depicted as monstrous. Subtly, we are reminded that there are people who think that women in our time take up far too much space.

Artwork: One of these days

Artist: Hanna Stansvik

Number on the map: 47

Material: Mural painting

Location: Nygatan 30

The artwork's position on the map

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