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Federico Lamas, 1979, Argentina

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Vote Hellish Vision! is a large artistic project that Federico Lamas has worked on for several years. To sketches, murals or films with different motifs, he adds a bold red grid that exposes the image’s hidden secrets. The works play on advertising’s attempts to mislead.

Lamas challenges our preconceptions about the incontrovertibility of good and evil, beautiful and ugly. He encourages us to think for ourselves – and simultaneously makes the viewer gasp with the insight that our interpretations are often controlled by prejudice and bias. Vote Hellish Vision! puts our values to the test in minor and major decisions about everything from consumption to religion.

Artwork: Vote Hellish Vision!

Artist: Federico Lamas

Number on the map: 13

Material: Wood, paper, acrylic paint, chains

Location: Örebro Castle Park

The artwork's position on the map

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