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En vävd historia med kroppen som minne

Johanna Arvidsson

Weaving as an art form has been passed on through the generations. Arvidsson uses her knowledge of weaving to shape a historical representation of female ideals. She combines elements of symbolism, oppression and resistance and finds strength in the struggle conveyed through the woman.

Arvidsson refers to art history: Louise Bourgeois’s spirals epitomize goddess symbolism, which represents fertility, female power and the cycles of life. The skull with the hand refers to ‘the fallen woman’. A gesture of resistance against Eve after the Fall, where Eve bows her head in shame and covers her breasts. The common thread from Frida Kahlo’s Henry Ford Hospital, painted after a miscarriage.

A close-up of the fabric where the motive of a pink woman is visible on the background of the blue fabric. The motif refers to "the fallen woman".

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: En vävd historia med kroppen som minne

Artist: Johanna Arvidsson

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Material: Textile fabric

Location: Galleria Oscar C

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