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1940, Sweden

Photo: Birgitta Åberg-Andersson

Bitte Alling born 1940 in Malmö, Sweden.

A war child with bunkers, German aircraft engines, blackout curtains.

A Swedish tiger

A new classmate just sat there in his desk with straight back, hard braids, white apron surrounded by a wall of silence

No one explained why she came and did not know a single word in Swedish but had a Swedish name

To this day I do not know Bodil's Jewish name


Never again war

No more ghettos

No more concentration camps

Konstfack (University College of Arts)

Artists who shocked art values ​​became my teachers

Taught me to study the treacherous language of the mass media image

Critically examine insidious war propaganda

Cut to counter-images such as Christer Themptander's political photomontage

Oil painting by Gerhard Nordström who painted in the Vietnam War in the Swedish landscape

Hertha Hillfon who freed the clay from traditional hero portraits and enlarged everyday bread, children and women's hump

These and my inner images since 83 years I always carry with me in my creation

Then as now

War has always existed somewhere in the world

Now it comes even closer to Sweden's borders


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