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Bianca Hisse & Laura Cemin

Three women perform a performance where they each have an oblong LED sign with red text.

‘How the land lies’ is a group performance developed by Bianca Hisse and Laura Cemin. The work revolves around the political potentials of the body in relation to language in various social situations. Referencing street signs, advertisement aesthetics and political gestures in the contemporary context, the performance uses LED scrolling signs as a medium to address issues of public circulation, immigration and the policing of spaces.

Inspired by official tourism slogans of European countries, catchy ads from kebab shops in Oslo and Helsinki, and ever-changing regulations on travel restrictions, the performance juxtaposes the welcoming words of advertisement and business-driven vocabulary with restrictive statements of exclusion and prohibition, which were collected from immigration forms and visa interviews across Scandinavia.

Language: English, Swedish

Dates & times:

June 18, 4-5 pm


The Courtyard, Örebro Castle

Performance with two people sitting on the floor holding up an LED sign with red letters forming the text THING & CAN GO MISSING!

Artwork: How the Land Lies


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Material: Performance

Location: The courtyard at Örebro Castle

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