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Tedde Twetman

Water lilies made of warning signs float on the surface of the water next to a bridge.

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

Like water lilies in Monet’s gardens and paintings, orange flowers bob on the waters of the Svartån River. They have been placed there by Twetman, and at a closer glance, the colourful, decorative objects prove to be reflective road markers. Every river that flows through a city is exposed to mischief, when bicycles, shopping carts, traffic cones and other items are thrown in, perhaps by intoxicated people on late-night wanderings. Twetman creates art from this phenomenon. Through his choice of materials, he attracts attention, emphasizes that the city is being changed, both through planned measures and through erratic rowdiness. The artist himself reuses objects from the city’s transformation in a work that itself brings renewal to Örebro.

Water lilies made of warning signs lie and float on the water in Svartån.

Foto: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: Water Lilies and Swedish Bridge

Artist: Tedde Twetman

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Material: Traffic signs

Location: In Svartån by Slottsparken

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