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Hamada Elkept, 1994, Palestine

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Photo: Sofie Isaksson

We humans are affected by the places and environments that surround us. Hamada Elkept emphasizes that the narrower our confines are, the weaker our desire and capability to live become. When the right to move freely is lost due to oppression, discrimination or war, the person’s sense of self is also drained. Elkept’s own hometown is Gaza. Long before the current war between Hamas and Israel, he began exploring in his art what siege and restriction are doing to the people of the Gaza Strip. These paintings convey memories of bombs and death, reminding us that threats to peace and freedom exist all over the world. Gaza is just one example, says Elkept, who wants to promote human encounters that give strength and hope.

Artwork: I and Place

Artist: Hamada Elkept

Number on the map: 21

Material: Painting

Location: Trädgårdstorget

The artwork's position on the map

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