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Polina Stohnushko, 1994, Ukraine, based in Germany

Photo: Polina Stohnushko

The intervention emerged as both a direct response and a manifest, naturally evolving after a year-long series of negotiations with landlords in Örebro while seeking a suitable surface for the work. It exposes the implicit politics of city space, revealing its limitations, particularly evident through attempts to engage within its physical realm. As a political commentary, the inscription reflects the escalating impacts of capitalism, privatization, and gentrification. This negatively affects the inclusiveness of city space, where one must seek permission before accessing and utilizing urban areas. It prompts a critical reassessment of the illusion of freedom, highlighting how contemporary cities are increasingly defined by orders and boundaries rather than shared, meaningful spaces. Within this framework, it raises fundamental inquiries: what precisely constitutes the public in the context of modern city space, and to what extent are we truly free within it?

Artwork: LEGAL

Artist: Polina Stohnushko

Number on the map: 36

Material: Tape

Location: Nikolaigatan

The artwork's position on the map

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