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Luciana Rondolini

A banana and several different objects lie on a mirror that reflects the objects, even the wall consists of a mirror. The items are adorned with glittering jewels in diamond shapes.

Nothing lasts, and "Tiffany" reminds us of change, transience and material decay: of ageing, of becoming obsolete. The plastic gemstones depict how the brilliance of the new and novel obscures the actual condition of the objects, the fact that they are all perishable and doomed to become obsolete.

Rondolin’s art is a commentary on the still-life tradition and, in this work, she uses the American jewellery company Tiffany as a symbol for luxury and glamour, juxtaposing this with the rotting fruit that in Western art history is a typical symbol of transience. Her imagery often revolves around our consumer society’s impact on relationships, superficiality, glamour and luxury design products.

A white cube with glass is placed in the city room, something decaying in brown color flows down from the top of the glass. Down inside the cube are small cubes made of mirrors and on them and on the floor are fruits and more different objects that are reflected in the mirrors. The items are adorned with sparkling diamond-shaped jewels.

Artwork: Tiffany

Artist: Luciana Rondolini

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Material: Installation

Location: Karolinska School's schoolyard

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