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Aaron Nachtailer, 1986, Argentina, based in France

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

The clouds sail between the Earth and sky. Clouds are, by nature, changeable and in constant motion. Clouds know no borders. They move pollution between people and countries, link us together, make it clear that we all live under the same sky. Clouds are also an image for bright dreams.

In this work, Aaron Nachtailer’s red exit doors are not accessible. But there is no escape route either. We must face the truth. The big questions about the life and death of humans and the planet are directed inwards, at ourselves. We are challenged to reflect on our own stance and how we can engage in the world around us, in good values that are important for all of humanity.

Artwork: EXIT Clouds

Artist: Aaron Nachtailer

Number on the map: 9

Material: Wood, paint

Location: Olaigatan, by the fish passage in the river.

The artwork's position on the map

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