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Baptiste Debombourg

Overview image of an old caravan in poor condition. The caravan is divided into about ten pieces and placed next to each other at different heights.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

The caravan, or RV – a symbol of freedom for many – is sliced up and presented in a lacerated state. Gone is the opportunity to head out on an adventure, to spontaneously make our dreams come true, to decide over our own lives. Baptiste Debombourg calls attention to – and condemns – how during the pandemic, the world’s decision-makers stopped people’s movement, extinguished freedom. With strong role models in the art and music communities, he turns devastation into an artistic tool. In this destructive spirit, there is yet hope that something new will sprout. The work oscillates between demolition and transformation – becomes a growing, overwhelming desire for freedom and independence. These are the core values in Debombourg’s art.

The picture shows the inside of an old caravan in poor condition. You can see that the seats in the caravan are divided, and the parts are placed with some distance from each other.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

The photo is of the inside of a caravan. You can see the joists, seats and wood paneling.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: Amplifier

Artist: Baptiste Debombourg

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Material: Caravan

Location: Örebro castle

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