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Henrik Jonsson

In a shopping mall, the sculpture is placed, right under the escalators. It is an old scrap car and a rider on a horse, the rider has impaled the car with his lance.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

The legend of Saint George and the Dragon tells of how the knight vanquishes the evil, hungry dragon and saves people’s lives. Since childhood, the artist Jonsson has been fascinated by both the symbolism and the wooden sculpture at the Storkyrkan cathedral in Stockholm.

At OpenArt, he presents his own version, in which the knight, like a Don Quixote, is battling to conquer a junk car. The dilapidated vehicle is the artist’s father’s, from his childhood home in Medelpad in the north of Sweden. In the artwork is an encounter – a struggle – between highbrow culture and that which is more mundane and uncivilized. Perhaps a similar struggle is also being waged inside myself, wonders Henrik Jonsson, and lets questions about what culture is and means permeate his works.

Close-up of the horse, rider and lance impaling the scrap car.

Photo: Sofie Isaksson

Artwork: Storstriden

Artist: Henrik Jonsson

Number on the map:

Material: Sculpture

Location: Vågengalleriet

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