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In a road, there are many red and white right-of-way signs in a row. The signs turn around their own axis.

With the authority and acuity of road signs, a new series of signals speaks in the city. Misleadingly like road signs, they line up – starting in the position prescribed by the Swedish Transport Agency, and then leaning over with increasing audacity. It is SpY who is baffling us – an artist who originates from Madrid and operates in cities all around the world. SpY turns the city into an art scene, challenges the rules and norms of urban life. SpY surprises, twists and turns perspective, provokes us to look at familiar environments with new eyes. In Örebro, SpY’s signals evoke smiles and new thoughts, and perhaps even wild initiatives.

In an urban environment, a series of signs can be seen standing on a bridge.
Triangular white-red signs that are lined up one behind the other but where each sign is slightly angled from the one in front.

Artwork: Yield

Artist: SpY

Number on the map:

Material: Metal

Location: Vasabron

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