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Myroslava Usenko

Art installation with Czech hedgehogs framing a surface with photos from the war in Ukraine.

This installation tells the story of what has been happening in Ukraine since 24 February 2022. About the brutal invasion of Ukraine. Usenko wants to tell us about the deaths of innocent civilians, the number of missiles that have destroyed homes, hospitals, schools, theatres and museums. About emptiness, death, destroyed dreams and lives.

Her pain lies in the loss of human lives. Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. People who have been injured and disabled, raped women who can no longer bear children. All of those who have lost family members, friends and their homes. Usenko sees it as her mission to tell the stories of the atrocious crimes committed against her people and her homeland. Stories that the entire world must hear.

Konstinstallation med missil som riktas rakt mot en spjälsäng i ett inrett barn rum.

Artwork: Invasion

Artist: Myroslava Usenko

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Material: Installation

Location: Vågengalleriet

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