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1981, Sweden

In her art, Kristina Lindberg addresses contemporary ecological, ontological and socio-economic issues. Through sculptures in, among other things, wood, stone and steel, she systematically re-examines what material and shape are or how it / it arises and changes. The often time-consuming work with the works can e.g. likened to a staging of geological or biological processes. In this way, she explores the complex connections between different life forms and cultures.

“In connection with my exploration of sculpture as a means of expression, I have come to see its properties through various scientific filters. A conceptual approach to the work with a sculpture's surface, shape, body, weight and volume opens up to see how the medium can reflect the transformations of even larger bodies.

The body of society with urban and rural traditions is often subject to the same physical laws as the primeval forest, the lake or the mountain. The challenge in my art is to try to find new ways to see and experience these slow and often invisible processes. I have e.g. I was very interested in transitions between industry and the information society and how it in turn has shaped the political and "natural" landscapes. An issue that often arises in these contexts is; Where is the line between "natural" and "unnatural" materials when energy and matter can only be transformed - never disappear? The fact that human work (from a biogeochemical perspective) only changes and changes places on materials thus opens up existential reflections on meaning. ”



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