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Jessie Unterhalter, 1983, USA

Katey Truhn, , 1983, USA

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn make up the Baltimore based artist team better known as Jessie and Katey. Our mission is to transform public spaces into vibrant, playful experiences, and use a highly geometric, abstract language to engage with the history, architecture and culture of a place. We believe that the aesthetics of one's environments can influence their emotions and state of mind. With a passion for people and design, we bring life to unsung spaces through abstract painting. We’ve created numerous murals in partnership with cities, companies, municipalities and brands to turn a unique story and location into an iconic piece of artwork, often heightening the landmark’s visibility as a destination.
Since 2011, we have been consistently creating large-scale, public murals and installations across the country, learning the intricacies of the places we work. We see the responsibility of working with, listening to and reflecting the communities and public that we serve as the driving force in our murals and public installations. Although our style is highly formal and recognizable, each piece is inspired by architectural landscapes, and historically relevant concepts. We pride ourselves on transforming public spaces and engaging the viewer through the use of color, bold geometric designs and an underlying narrative for those who look for one.



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