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Isabelle Demers, 1983, Canada

Fanny Mesnard ,1980, Canada

Foto: Charles-Frédérick Ouellet

We are two multidisciplinary artists whose practices come together around our shared fascination for the expressive and poetic potential inherent to the flora and fauna of the boreal forest. Our public art collaborations allow us to express our ecological concerns while aspiring to create generous and animistic projects that foreground nature’s rightful place in public spaces.
Through strong foundations built during extensive preparatory research, we aim to open dialogue between visitors to public art sites and our projects, which always contain several layers of meaning and symbolism. In order to do this, we draw from a myriad of references, from anthropology and folktales to the urban legends that live on in the oral cultures of the neighborhoods where our projects are installed.
It is our firm belief that urban space must be developed in harmony with nature, and we design our projects to be sustainable and durable, so they can maintain dialogue with several generations of citizens.



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