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Jaime Reyes,1979, Venezuela, lives in Sweden

Håkan Lidbo, 1965, Sweden

Jaime Reyes

Jaime Reyes is an artist and coder from Venezuela based in Stockholm. Illuminating a series of temporarily abandoned retail spaces in the city centre of different cities in Sweden, Jaime Reyes created massive site-specific installations through subtle light shows. More recently, the artist has created visual language based on daily patterns adjusting to a new family lifestyle. These rhythmic works expand into multiple monumental dimensions, and evolve according to a set of advanced algorithmic calculations. Striving for a more unexpected and emotional outcome than the usual tech coldness. Jaime Reyes visual practice is a somewhat infinite experimentation of what generative art could mean.

Håkan Lidbo

I'm an artist and inventor exploring intersections between art, technology and society. My background is in music and I believe that we have only explored a fraction of what music potentially could be. As an artist I ask questions about how we should design our cities. Should they only be as safe and convenient as possible, a place for living, work and consumption, with public spaces designed to optimise transport between these functions? Or can it be optimized for culture, social interactions, challenges and new ideas?

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