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1981, Italy

I choreograph everything either human or non-human beings, movable or immovable objects, maps, games and space shuttle tours to built a net of relations, subtle and strong, as sugar glass .
Bachelor in Communication with a final thesis about the social construction of the body in dance and graduation at The Place-London, I then deepened my research living in Nederland (2004-2009) and Poland (2013-2015), diving first into the study of Somatic Practices and then in discovering different social contexts and urban sites through artistic practice. Currently attending a Master Degree in Philosophy with anthropological curriculum at Università Statale of Milano. I consider the choreographic practice as a way to organize relations between human (and non human) beings within an environment, in a open-to-possibilities dynamic. Therefore I move from more or less traditional performative formats, displayed in theatrical spaces to artistic never-ending process questioning the idea of public space as a place for potential encounters, studying the dynamic, the qualities and the agents of those encounters. In the creations for theatrical spaces, I always seek for choreographic systems which can embody a socio-anthropological discourse: the anthropological issue I’m interested in and the organization of the space between people as how the choreographic system is informing the body are to side of the same object.



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