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Victor Jakobsson, 1997, Sweden

My practice revolves mainly around nature, and how we relate to it, as well as societal questions that reflect, comment, and question the rules and conformities we have set up for ourselves.

I like creating things that i think are easy to relate to and interpret too as many as possible.

I often find that there is a thick wall between art and the viewer. I strive to make art that FEELS, and I want to break this wall, or make it as thin as possible at least. My biggest tools for this are simplicity and naivety in the visual expression. Beneath the "silly" however, I can then hide a lot more heavy subjects, feelings, or thoughts to comment, question or invite to reflection around different subject matters. The balance of fun and light-hearted, and heavy and serious is important.

I also strongly believe in interaction as a way to invite viewers/participants and make them and their experiences a part of the art. It also invites to discussion which I believe is such an important and beautiful thing.



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