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1978, France

All my projects are somehow related to aspects of human relationships: our mistakes, our doubts and desires, as well as perceptions we each have of our own realities. My work explores the nature of our psychological relationships with objects, looking for the potential space between reality and the ideal model we aspire to achieve.

Thus, I analyse and question the sense and meaning of actions we undertake, construction and destruction. I am interested in individual repeated attempts, which sometimes lead to failure. Driven by well-intended actions, utopian aspirations or blinded by his ego, the individual reveals his true nature. The impression of impotence generated by such situations and by the individuals themselves simply highlights the fragile and endearing nature of the human being.

My research takes shape through different media, materials, and mountings such as wood, glass, staples, or drawings. My inspiration and influences comes from everyday life and more specifcally from day-to-day objects that condition our lives. My analysis/research is also focused on the use of these objects and the reactions, behaviours that they create, including the affective relationships we may have with them.



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