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Aurora Sander 1991 Norge

Tillfälligt nedtagen. Återkommer vid ev. ny placering.

Throughout the 20th century, we humans (at least in the west) have gradually morphed into trend hunters, car drivers, online shoppers and electric toothbrushers. As the ice caps are melting, we are sipping diet sodas in air-conditioned cafés while announcements blare over the intercoms. All the while holding the most revolutionary tool ever invented in the palm of our hands, ads, apps, hypes, feeds and fake news have worked their way into the very backbone of our lives. Our cultural values are now disappearing as fast as our natural resources. If the world is a computer, life is an algorithm.

Aurora Sander questions the way information flows, the way we interact with social media and the way in which meaning is produced in our society. Subscribe and we’ll change the tone of your consumer stream for 12 weeks.