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OPENART is postponed to 2022


Scandinavias largest outdoor exhibition for contemporary art, OPENART in Örebro, is postponed to 2022 due to the uncertain economic situation.

Örebro Municipality’s Culture Committee decided on June 8th that the OPENART biennale is to be postponed from 2021 to summer of 2022, to give room for securing the financial needs of the organization.
– OPENART is completely dependent on external funds, and in a normal year, business contributes almost a third of the budget. This means that OPENART is strongly affected by new conditions from external parties and society, and not least by the Corona crisis. It’s a tough situation for everyone right now, even the municipality has a hard time contributing at the same level as previous years, so we decided to postpone OPENART one year. It is the best solution, says Lennart Bondeson, Chairman of the Cultural Committee.
OPENART’s 2019 report shows a budget from the Municipal on 7,8 mn SEK and 3,2 mn SEK in external funds in form of sales, grants, collaborations, barter and sponsorship.
– We are in the middle of planning for the next OPENART, and in a normal year we would have been in contact with the business community, but it is not time now to go out and ask the companies for sponsorship because of the world situation, says Elisabeth Magnusson, Head of Culture Department.
Summer activities between the exhibitions
On June 8th, the Cultural Committee also decided that OPENART will arrange at least five activities during the summer of 2020 and 2021.
– The creative presence is as important in the time between the exhibitions as during it. We have an ambition to develop our educational program and can now offer activities and exciting programs during the summer of 2020 and 2021, says Elin Persson, Manager of OPENART
The summer activities focus on the visitors, their creativity and making room to delve into art from OPENART’s point of view, both historical and future exhibitions. The target group is kids, youths and adults. The different activities will be adapted to current restrictions due to Covid-19 and in terms of budget and resources within the OPENART organization.
The peoples jury & the kids jury
To give the artists a chance to make their art visible, OpenArt offers an Open Call where anyone can submit an application. The applications has previous years been evaluated by an art jury, invited by OpenArt.
For OpenArt 2022 the public have been invited to the selection process to give a hint of what is expected and desired from the visitors. The selection have been divided through 3 jury Groups, the Art, People and Kids jury. Open Call was open between february 3rd and March 31st this year. The jury groups have been handed all or some applications in different mediums to reply back on what favourites they had. Their choice will now be processed and the artists will then be contacted by OpenArt.

Lennart Bondeson (KD), Chairman of the Cultural Committee
019-21 10 68, 070-326 24 08
Elisabeth Magnusson, Head of Culture Department
019-21 10 52, 076-551 19 58
Elin Persson, Manager OPENART
019-21 46 43, 076-720 68 43


Published: 2020-06-08