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American artist duo for the first time in Sweden


New York, Miami and… Örebro. It’s the American artist duo Jessie & Katey that gets the opportunity to design the painting on the cycle path in Örebro this summer. The floor murals are the duos first artworks in Sweden.
– Crucial to our choice is their experience of creating similar works and that they are well established on the international art scene, tells Sofia Gustafsson, OpenArt.

Jessie & Katey have spread joy through many colorful murals in New York, Seattle and Miami among others. For the first time their artwork will be found in Sweden on two selected spots along the cycle path between central Örebro and the University of Örebro. The floor murals are part of the EU project Fossilfritt 2030 – Rena resan (Fossil-free 2030 – A clean journey) that works in different ways to increase the sustainable traveling.
– We want more people to discover the many benefits that comes with cycling. The art, together with several other activities that we are planning on are ways to attract new target groups to bike, tells Linnéa Lorinius, traffic planner at Örebro municipality and sub-project manager within EU project Fossilfritt 2030 – Rena resan.

Everyday areas filled with bold colors
To find interesting artists that works on a bigger scale in the public space the project contacted the art exhibition OpenArt who has experiencene of this since 2008. The choice of artists came to Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn that lives and works in Baltimore, US. The duo have created big mural and street paintings together for 10 years and have found a mutual visual language where the inspiration is found in the patterns of nature and in woven textiles.
– Their design brings everyday places to life with abstract paintings in bold colors. It is so exciting that their first swedish artwork will be here in Örebro, says Sofia Gustafsson, Project Manager at OpenArt.
The artist will create the designs in distance, due to current restrictions and the ambition with the project to reduce emission through travels.
Swedish artist will implement the design
The local artist Anya Blom has been hired to implement the artwork by Jessie & Katey during the spring. Anya Blom has good experience to paint big murals and her works have been seen on both OpenArt and ArtScape.
– It will be a completely different perspective for me to work on floor instead of walls but Jessie & Katey will guide me in the process. To proceed and implement someone else’s design I’m not worried about but because I’m an artist myself this will be a good test for my ego, says Anya Blom.


  • The painting will start in May 2021.
  • The floor murals on Rudbecksgatan is a part of the EU project Fossilfritt 2030 – Rena resan (Fossil-free 2030 – A clean journey). The project receives support from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, through the European Regional Development Fund and from the partners Region Örebro County, Region Sörmland, Region Östergötland, and Biodriv Öst.
  • OpenArt is an organisation within Örebro Municipality that every two years arranges a temporary art exhibition with accesible and engaging art. With 60 artists from all over the world the contemporary art takes over the public space during three summer months in central Örebro. Scandinavia’s biggest art biennial is experienced without a ticket and most of the artworks are placed outdoor and available at all hours. Next exhibition is planned for the summer 2022.

Sofia Gustafsson, Project Manager, OpenArt
Telefon: 019- 21 46 40
Linnéa Lorinius, Traffic planner, Örebro municipality Urban environment & Traffic
Telefon 019-213635
Mirja Mattsson, Project Manager Fossilfritt – 2030 Rena Resan at Örebro County
Telefon: 019-602 89 30


Published: 2021-04-22