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Ellinor Augustini 1985, Sweden

In an increasingly polarized society, art has an important role to play. Values that felt selfevident
a few years ago now feel negotiable, and when art reflects the present, it can help
us to discuss and question the world we see around us and thus unite people. For me, it is
important to ask questions.
Clay is a good material if you want to image and problematize. With the clay one can
quickly approach new ambience. Symbols and everyday things that you may already have
an image of gets distorted and must be reinterpreted. Cast off the surroundings and / or
human bodies, sculpt, repeat, distort and combine in new ways. Take a seat and try to
understand what you see.
With a surrealistic idiom I can amplify the feeling I am looking for in the installation. When
the clay’s humor and playfulness meet reality and seriousness, a ambiguity is created that
opens up for questioning and discussion. It is a fascinating meeting.
About Trinkets: Clay is the absolute worst and heaviest material to make a necklace of. It
is so big that it would crush you if you put it on.
Trinkets are necklaces made of ceramic. I have created the beads through extruding
technology, which is a technique where you press clay through different stencils. After they
have dried, they are fired for a first time, then I have glazed the beads to create different
colors and structures. The glaze is applied layer by layer to give each pearl a unique
expression. All beads are then fired in 1260 degrees when the clay sinks and the glaze
melts out.

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