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Anna Estarriola 1987 Spain

I am interested in the exchanges and interactions between the visual and media arts with other disciplines, such as performing arts and technology. The themes of my work revolve around perception of reality, individual and communal behavior, and communication. I am fascinated and disturbed by human beings, and mesmerized and puzzled by moving images, moving bodies and objects. I work with cross-disciplinary narrative structures that explore and question the union of content, medium and context. Over the last years, I have created media installation works combining sculptures and moving image with dramaturgy, mechanics and electronics.

About the work Reincarnation failure (2016)

A character attempts to react in tune with its given body. This time the outlines present a hairy dog. The one living inside is trying to growl and pant accordingly. During the over four minutes loop the creature goes through a little life journey, it wakes up, barks a bit, wonders, gets exited, fierceful, puzzled and sharp, to soon sleep away and return again.