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Kirsten Astrup 1983 Denmark

Quivery Heart / Urolige hjerte

In the musically seductive film cabaret “Quivery Heart”, Kirsten Astrup outlines an alternative portrait of a crumbling Danish welfare society.

Drag performers, amateurs, papier-mâché characters and famous actresses form the multifaceted cast of a story about the national railway company, growing privatization, political parochialism, and the gradual loss of solidarity. The work features eight pieces of music composed by Kirsten Astrup and a series of satirical lyrics and radio dialogues written by Maria Bordorff.  All texts are based on heartwarming anecdotes about the train hostesses’ own cabarets during the 1990’s – as well as interviews with former railway employees sharing their concerns about the devastating effects of politically determined financial cuts and efficiency measures.

The duration of the film is 35 min.