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Natasja van der Meer 1969, Netherlands

In her work, which consists mainly of sculptures, Van der Meer regularly incorporates existing objects to create iconic images with a sense of humor. In order to express her ideas, the artist works with scale: Van der Meer’s sculptures are often a scaled version of existing, smaller objects. The adjustment of the size of these objects evokes a sense of alienation and confusion. The artist started to use beads as three-dimensional pixels or molecules to create hanging sculptures. With admirable precision she puts all elements together to create a clear recognizable image. Keywords are simplicity and clarity, and no unnecessary details are added to the artwork. This unambiguous expression makes the works of Van der Meer not only accessible, but contribute to the experience of aesthetic enjoyment of her art.

The work:

We might all look different but when we look at ourselves at molecular level the entire creation is made up of a collection of molecules being attracted and forming shapes. We are one! We are not only one as humanity, but we are also one with the entire physical manifestation of the universe.

The artwork “ONE” is made of thousands round sequins that mirror the surrounding and everyone who stands in front of it. The sequins can be seen as molecules which look alive because the wind and the sun let them move and sparkle. When you look at it you can see a reflection of yourself and everything around you.