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Aurora Sander 1991 Norway

Temporary taken down. Will update if returning at new location.

Ellinor Aurora Aasgaard, NO 1991, and Bror Sander Berg Störseth, NO 1987, is a
Norwegian artist duo who did their studies in Fine Arts at the Malmö Art Academy in
Sweden. The installations produced by the duo are caught in between form and
function, art and design, discourse and disgust. This can for example be a daily grind
parkour, miniature kiosks for birds, or high heeled shoes with built in brushes for an
easy clean and seats reserved for magazine covers. Aurora Sander reacts to the
intrinsic structures of the art world, of socialization, distribution and value creation. Their
artistic strategies are closely linked to design, theater, and fashion; fields that art is
struggling to keep at bay. Aurora Sander’s strategy is one of confusion, fusion, fiction
and friction, making objects and creating characters that belong in the art world, but
have no idea how they got there. Their work has been exhibited at several galleries and
institutions, among them: Norsk Billedhoggerforening (NO), UKS (NO), Passerelle
Centre d’art contemporain (FR), 7th International Moscow Biennial (RU), Yamamoto
Gendai (JP), Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art (DK), Nicolai Wallner (DK),
Camden Arts Centre (UK), Hebbel am Ufer (DE) and Sandy Brown (DE).